Dianthus is a progressive rock/metal duo with twin sisters, Jessica and Jackie Parry.

The synergistic sound and seemingly-telepathic energy behind Dianthus can be traced to their beginnings in the heart of Riverside, California. Inspired by the well-known perennial flower, twin sisters (Jackie and Jessica Parry) bring forth delicate, yet dominant voices to the metal scene. An early upbringing in classical piano led them to begin creating music together at a young age. Not long after, they were captivated by the heavier genres in metal. The two enhanced their musical palettes with the addition of drums and electric guitar. Since forming, Dianthus has gained the likes of well-respected musicians such as Matt Sorum (Guns ‘N Roses/Velvet Revolver/Hollywood Vampires/The Cult) and Jeremy ‘Jinxx’ Ferguson (Black Veil Brides).

     The band was recognized in their home city for their achievements and were bestowed with the “Riverside Pride Success Award”, presented by the Riverside Mayor and City Council.

                Crown The Empire, Dokken, Drowning Pool, The Iron Maidens, Powerman-5000, and Davey Suicide are among the acts that Dianthus has shared the stage with.